What is vocalize?

Build on the Web

Vocalize is a tool built on React and other Facebook technologies that makes building simple web pages a breeze.

Simple Code

Create landing pages in HTML & CSS through natural language. Grab the code if you're into that, or leave it alone if you are not.

Create with Speed

Quickly prototype a frontend that you can deploy live or integrate the code into larger projects.

Should I try vocalize?

Do you build websites? Do you work at a marketing agency that builds websites for clients? Or, do you work for a company that occasionally makes its own websites? Vocalize can significantly speed up and de-frustrate this process for programmers and more normal humans alike.

How does it work?

Talk to it. Tell vocalize you want to add three sections to the site. Tell it you want a main banner section with a background image of space. Tell it you'd like to add the Gettysburg Address text alongside pictures of unicorns.

When you are done, deploy the website effortlessly. Or, export the code (simple HTML, CSS) to incorporate your creation into another project.